Nuts & Bolts

The Database Engine

Parcel Perfect™ uses a SQL database engine, and can be deployed either on a local server at your site, or hosted on one of our webfarm based servers. SQL database engines are available from various companies, such as Oracle and Microsoft, but these can restrict you to specific and costly operating systems. For this reason, Parcel Perfect™ was originally designed to use Interbase from Borland, which can run in either Windows or Linux environments, while providing the same functionality as the costly alternatives. It has since been adapted to use the open source version of Interbase, which runs most effectively on a Linux server. In all installations we will maintain, monitor and remain responsible for the Linux database servers.

The Workstations     

Any number of workstations may be attached to the database server, limited only by the specifications of the server. Workstations may run any currently available version of Windows. Being SQL based, only essential information is sent between server and workstation, providing extreme stability in the case of network or workstation failure.

Browser Based Access   

Current versions of Microsoft, Firefox and Chrome internet browsers are supported. Specific Parcel Perfect™ modules that are most suited to remote internet access operate via a browser. These modules include the parcel tracking, pod image access and the quote, waybill and collection capture by customers.

Mobile Device Access   

Compatible devices range from the latest mobile computers of Intermec, Motorola, Honeywell and Psion, down to the most basic cell phone. We have a range of modules to choose from, depending on the level of mobile hardware that you decide to deploy. Wifi connectivity is typically used in your depots, and 3g when on the road.