Track and Trace Software

In order to maximise profits and gain the vital competitive edge over rival firms, it is crucial that your business capitalises on the latest technology. In the courier industry this means software that can track and trace your client’s parcels or packages throughout the delivery process

Benefits Of Track And Trace Software

Good business sense prescribes a controlled and well planned approach to work. We can cite the rise of McDonalds and the business savvy behind the franchise’s success as one of the signs that the market today demands precise strategies for businesses to succeed. Fortunately software has been developed to make planning and controlling of business administration issues that much easier.
Track and trace software can effectively streamline your courier business’ entire system. What does this mean to your bottom line? Well you will be utilising software to effectively cut out unnecessary time wasting elements that may exist within your current system, thus chopping off dead weight that slows productivity and bites into your profit.

Not only is track and trace software extremely useful in maximising efficiency of your delivery and collection process, but the software also allows your firm to give far better customer service. With track and trace software you will be able to inform your client of a package’s exact position, thereby giving a far more accurate estimated time of arrival, or controlling a situation where a slight hiccup could have wreaked havoc on your delivery schedule, but now with the assistance of track and trace software you will be able to nip a problem in the bud – putting your delivery back on schedule.

With good track and trace software you will be able to offer your clients faster and more reliable service, while reducing your operation costs!  

Sourcing The Best Track And Trace Software

Finding the best track and trace software need not be a difficult or time consuming job; in fact you can very easily locate the perfect parcel track and trace software without leaving the office! Simply log onto your favourite search engine and enter a phrase such as, “cost effective parcel tracking software” and have a look at the options. By comparing the various track and trace software options you should be able to find the software solution which best suits your firm’s needs.

Making An Informed Decision On Track And Trace Software

When shopping around for track and trace software, there are a few things to keep in mind. Ask yourself, “What should the software offer me?” You know your business needs, so the advantages presented by some track and trace software packages will clearly stand out above the others.

The better track and trace software packages will offer a high degree of flexibility, with adaptable features.  Here are some features offered by the better software packages:

  • A flexible rating format that allows for different customer rates.
  • Software geared to incorporate cell phone technology, using SMS or text messages to coordinate deliveries.
  • Capturing of waybills on an individual or bulk basis.
  • Consolidating waybills for shipping manifests and onto tripsheets for delivery drivers
  • Generating invoices and printing of specific waybills and customer info.
  • Precise statements for customers, including details on payment allocation.
  •  Calculate margins per waybill, per client or per sales rep.
  • Pre-printing of waybills for bulk distributions or for individual customers.
  • Trace and track packages by barcode scanning and print barcode labels.
  • Sending proof of delivery details automatically by fax or email.
  • Flexibility of file export, compatible with Adobe Acrobat, Excel and others.
  • Automatic and instantaneous emailing of reports.
  • A SQL database engine which is compatible with Linux or Windows servers.
  • Compatibility with Windows 98SE, 2000 and XP professional.

Be sure of your choice when selecting your track and trace software, make sure that it is the best package for your needs, that it will speed up your processes and make your clients happy. Getting to know the software and utilising it to its fullest can make a substantial difference, increasing profits, improving your firm’s reputation and winning over new business because of it.

Parcel Perfect has developed a sophisticated courier management and parcel tracking software solution, designed to help manage the courier business better, to courier and freight companies all over South Africa, the UK, Australia and Hong Kong.