Increasing Profit Margins for Courier Companies with Courier Software

Running a business is a serious matter, and profit is the bottom line measurement of success in the business world. As with most businesses, the best way to improve profits from your courier company is by ensuring that your business operates as efficiently as possible. Time is often wasted unnecessarily because of miscommunication between dispatch and drivers, or by dispatch allocating deliveries inefficiently. This is but one of the aspects of your courier company that could be improved with a good courier service software package.

Aspects of your Courier Business which can be Improved with Courier Company Software

Collection control from dispatch can be improved by use of low cost SMS or Text messages to drivers’ cell phones, thereby saving money and achieving immediate communication. A driver can easily be diverted to collect packages en-route, instead of sending a driver out especially for the collection. This will save time and money in terms of fuel consumption.

Efficient waybill processing is another of the useful features of courier software. In terms of bringing organisation and accuracy to your waybill processing, specialised courier software is unbeatable. Your software package should allow for individual waybill capturing, as well as bulk imports from a spreadsheet. Make sure that your courier software covers all waybill processing, from consolidation to manifests for line haul shipments or to trip sheets for individual deliveries by your van drivers and multiple leg costing breakdown of each waybill.
Parcel tracking is one of the most important elements of a courier company’s software package. By way of barcode scanning you can track the progress of your deliveries, and your clients can log in to your website and check on their deliveries too. The software should allow you to print your own barcodes for the scanning system, giving you full control of the process.

Along with the barcode scanning, you should be able to scan Proof of Delivery documents and link them to the corresponding waybill details. This means that you can also fax or email the Proof of Delivery documents easily, you could even set up automatic faxing or emailing. If you are using the same software as other agents you will be able to transfer POD information and delivery manifests electronically.

Delivery reports can be instantly sent by email, with the better software packages making provision for most popular formats, such as Adobe Acrobat or Excel files.

Billing becomes a breeze, with some software even making provision for flexible pricing structures, so that you are able to adjust easily to any foreseeable pricing problem. Software should assist with calculating rates for deliveries covering multiple legs, by following a parcel’s progress through the delivery process your courier software can calculate the exact amount owed to you by the client.

Invoices, receipts and credit notes can be printed off by a specific waybill date, and for individual clients, so you have quick access to all the information you need for billing. With accurate calculation for invoices and quick print options you can save time on administration, and saving time means that you can get more done, making your company more efficient and more profitable.

Access to your documents and parcel tracking features is secure and you are able to set individual login names and passwords for employees or clients who wish to track their parcels via the internet. The software accessed by your clients for tracking purposes should be compatible with Windows 98SE, 2000 professional or XP professional.

Of all the steps you can take toward improving your courier company, incorporating an efficient and comprehensive software system will make the biggest difference. With the assistance of custom courier software you will find that things are managed more smoothly, and getting more from your drivers and increased deliveries in record time becomes possible.

Is it not time to take your company to the next level?