Multiple Parcel & Package Tracking

Multiple parcel and package tracking technology allows you to track exactly where each of your parcels are on the journey to their respective destinations. This ensures maximum security for you and guarantees the safety of your parcels as they travel through the various waypoints and destination hubs on the way to their final destinations.

How does multiple parcel tracking actually work?

When you send a parcel by courier, you are given a unique tracking number for each parcel. You must keep all these unique numbers for the multiple parcel tracking as proof that you indeed sent the parcels and on what date you sent each one. Each package tracking number is also attached to its respective parcel. As each parcel makes its way to its destination the unique number attached to it is recorded and kept. A clear record of all the parcels that have passed through is kept at all the various points along your parcel’s journey to its destination. The main office of the courier company is also kept informed electronically of each point that the parcels have passed through already.

How does multiple package tracking affect you?

What this means for you is that you can use each parcel’s unique tracking number to find out exactly where the package is on its route. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that your parcels haven’t been lost in some mysterious land  but that they are, instead, safely in the hands of professionals. You will be sure that each parcel gets to its destination and you can quite easily get a copy of the Proof of Delivery paper of each parcel for your records. Tracking multiple packages has never been this simple.

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