Reporting Email and SMS

Standard Report Features

  • Every report generated by Parcel Perfect™ can be previewed on-screen prior to printing. This allows zooming, panning, selection of specific pages, searching on data, etc.
  • Reports can be sent to any Windows™ printer, fax server, or other Windows™ registered device.
    All reports can be saved in the following formats: Excel, PDF (Adobe Acrobat), HTML, RTF, BMP, JPG, TIFF.
  • All reports can be emailed directly as an attachment, in the following formats: Excel, Adobe Acrobat (.PDF), Rich Text Format (RTF). Emails are generated and then automatically placed in the Outlook™ outbox on the workstation wanting to email the report.
  • Many of the reports may be customized to suit your specific needs. This includes shifting and resizing columns, changing of data displayed in the columns, changing of headings, logos, etc.

Bulk Email and SMS

  • With Parcel Perfect™ you can send bulk emails or bulk SMSs to groups of your agents or customers. From the customer or agent grid, you can filter a specific set of agents or customers based on various parameters. Once selected, you can enter an email or SMS message, and send it to every agent or customer that you have selected.
  • SMSs are used to manage the collections, to send basic POD information to customers and to send general operator entered information to any customer or agent.
  • Our SMS system sends directly from an attached GSM device, which means lower SMS prices. It also means that you do not need a permanent internet connection in order to use it.