Data Security

Restricted User Access

  • Your Parcel Perfect™ data is protected via a comprehensive user access system. Every user of the system is set up with a unique user name and password which they are required to enter every time they log on to Parcel Perfect™.
  • Another way in which secure parcel tracking is ensured is by linking every feature and every report in Parcel Perfect™ to every user via the simple means of checkboxes. For example, when adding, editing and deleting waybills, the selection of three separate checkboxes under each user will specify their permission to access that waybill. In this way you can set up a user that is only able to add waybills, and another that can add and edit, etc.
  • The parcel tracking software makes provision for a user needing to print an individual report by providing a checkbox next to that specific report within that user's setup. The flexibility of this approach allows you to give access to one report without giving access to other features or data which you want to keep restricted.

Internal Logging of User Activity

  • A user activity log is maintained alongside all critical tables by the secure parcel tracking software. Linked to every waybill is a log of which user created the waybill, along with the date and time of every subsequent change and the user that made the change. This makes every user of Parcel Perfect™ accountable for the information they have entered or modified.