Customer Account Management

Customer Rates

  • Parcel Perfect™ makes the administrative side of courier management simple with the use of its software. Each of your customers will be set up on Parcel Perfect™ along with their exact billing details.
  • Rates can be configured in a number of ways and as yet there has not been a rate that we have been unable to cater for. That means that every shipment captured is correctly and automatically calculated by the administrative software without the need for manual user intervention.
  • Different volume rates can be used on different routes and services.
  • Waybills can be charged per kg or per piece, or even as a percentage of value.
  • Standard Tariffs can be set up and then linked to certain customers. This feature of the Parcel Perfect™ administrative software speeds up the setup and maintenance of the customer rates.
  • Customer tariffs that vary from the standard tariff on certain routes or services can still use the standard tariff, but with the tariff on that specific route or service entered as a variation.
  • Special quotes allow certain operators to enter a rate that is not part of the standard charge for that customer.
  • Currency surcharges can be applied for specific international destinations. This surcharge can be changed as often as required from a specified date onwards.
  • Township surcharge allows you to charge a surcharge if delivering to a place that is classified as a township. This is added automatically when selecting a destination place that falls into this category.
  • Same-day, after hours, early delivery, fuel after hours and other surcharges can all be set up and re-configured in the administrative software as you require.
  • Multiple customer rates can be set up in advance and activated automatically on specified dates.


  • You can decide how frequently you would like to bill your customers. Certain customers can be billed monthly, while others you can bill every week, or even every day.
  • When billing customers, an invoice run will be generated. This will go through all relevant customers and pick up waybills which have not yet been included on an invoice. These will be grouped together for each customer and placed on new invoices with a specified invoice date.
  • Waybills can be optionally excluded from the invoice run if a POD has not been captured yet.
  • Certain waybills can be 'tagged' to prevent them from being picked up on an invoice run. This feature is useful when a specific waybill requires further attention prior to invoicing.
  • The invoice layout can be customised completely according to your needs using the administrative software. Your logo can be printed at the top of each invoice and you can add any piece of waybill information needed to the invoice. This could include the declared value, the destination place, the number of pieces, the volume, reference number or anything else that may be significant.
  • An invoice can be re-billed automatically – a credit note can be generated for a customer that has been incorrectly charged and a new invoice can be generated for the customer who should have been charged.
  • Individual invoices can be generated at any time for each separate waybill without generating an entire invoice run.
  • Should you wish to handle your billing in Pastel Accounting, the invoice run can be exported in Pastel format.

Receipts and Credit Notes

  • Receipts and credit notes can be processed and allocated to outstanding invoices or to individual outstanding waybills on invoices.
  • If a part-payment is received, it can be allocated to the relevant invoice and certain waybills on that invoice can be excluded partially or fully from the allocation.
  • As payments and credits notes are processed, only the outstanding invoices and waybills will appear for allocation. A partially paid invoice will show only the waybills that are still outstanding on that invoice as being available for allocation.


  • Since payment allocation in Parcel Perfect™ can occur down to the waybill level, statements can provide additional information on outstanding invoices.
  • If any waybills on an invoice are unpaid or partially paid, the details of these waybills will appear on the statement under the relevant invoice, thus allowing a full reconciliation.
  • An age analysis is included as a separate report, as well as being included on each statement.


  • Quotations for customers can be captured at any time, and easily faxed or emailed directly to the customer.
  • If accepted the quotation can be converted to a waybill without re-input of any information.
  • A log of every quotation is maintained on the system for future reference.