Analysis Reports

Margin Analysis

  • Turnover and margin by a customer can be computed over any input date range. This information is presented in a grid of customers, which you can sort by total turnover, margin, number of waybills shipped, total kg shipped, etc. This means that with this administrative software you can determine your top 10 or bottom 10 customers at a glance, sorted by margin, turnover, or just about any other parameter.
  • Itemised turnover and margin can be calculated for every waybill over an input date range. For example, courier reporting allows that you could view your top and bottom performing shipments for each day on-screen. This puts you in a position to take immediate action.
  • A route analysis calculates shipment statistics based on origin and destination hubs and service. This allows you to analyse the courier reports of shipment volumes and margins on all of your routes.
  • Each waybill on the courier reporting tool can be looked up at any time to view the composition of agent costs, billing to customer and thus the gross profit.

Sales Rep Performance Analysis

  • Multiple sales reps can earn commission from each customer. You may have a sales rep who visits the customer and earns the majority of the commission and a higher level manager who supervises that sales rep and therefore also earns commission on that customer. You can keep track of this with our administrative software.
  • Commission can be earned at different rates, depending on the number of days from the date that the customer started trading.
  • Administrative software allows commission to be calculated either on turnover or margin. This can be used to incentivise the sales reps to bring on customers with higher margins, as opposed to simply having a greater turnover.
  • The commission report for a sales rep lists all invoices for customers linked to that sales rep and calculates the commission based on the dates and percentages.