Agent Cost Management

Cost Calculations

  • Every waybill processed through the Parcel Perfect™ waybill tracking system includes data on a number of agent costs. Usually a single waybill will include a collection leg, a consolidation leg and then a delivery leg, each of which may be handled by a different agent. The cost for each of these three legs is added together to form the total cost for the shipment.
  • The number of legs can vary from one up to any number. In the simplest waybill tracking case, a single agent will handle everything from the collection to the delivery, and there will be only one leg attached to the waybill.

Agent Rates

  • Agents are set up as either manifesting (consolidating) agents, or as collection and delivery agents.
    The rates for manifesting agents can be set up individually between each of your various hubs. These are used to calculate the consolidated shipment charge, which is then split between all waybills on the manifest.
  • Collection rates are divided between multiple waybills on each collection.
  • Delivery rates are calculated per waybill delivered.
  • All agent rates can use either per kg or per piece billing.
  • A different volume rate can be specified for each agent, and for each route under each agent.
  • Each agent can operate using a different currency. All currencies are converted to your home currency to determine profit margins, etc.
  • Should multiple agents use the same rates, a master tariff 'agent' may be set up to which the other agents can be linked.

Agent Payments

  • Each invoice from an agent can be captured in Parcel Perfect™.
  • As each waybill number on the invoice is captured, the waybill details appear on-screen as well as the expected agent rate calculated by Parcel Perfect™.
  • The operator will capture the amount that was invoiced by the agent, as well as the amount that was actually paid to the agent, since this may differ from the amount that was calculated.
  • Discrepancy reports list out all agent payments that are different to the amounts which were billed by the agent. These are grouped as two separate reports: under-billed and over-billed agent payments.
  • Payment reports list all agent invoices and the total amount being paid to the agent.