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Courier Tracking – Parcel Perfect


Parcel Perfect™ created a courier tracking package perfect for a courier company of any size. The courier tracking software enables you to not only pinpoint the exact location of each package, but also the whereabouts of drivers and trucks.

Parcel Perfect™ created this software after years of personal experience in the courier industry, understanding the needs and wants of a software system that would enable you to manage your courier company the best possible way.

With a courier tracking system, you would be able to establish which driver is closest for package pick-up, that would in the least way disrupt the delivery process of the other package delivery times, thereby creating a smoother running delivery system.

In cases where needs be, you would be able to inform your client the exact position of the package and the estimated time before delivery. With a parcel tracking system that enables you with these features, the chances of packages disappearing would simply be impossible, thus creating a more sufficient and proficient running courier company.

Contact us today to find out how our courier tracking system could benifit your company!!

Parcel Perfect™ offers you the best, most up-to-date in courier tracking technology. After years in the courier industry, we have devised a courier tracking software which would see to every step of parcel service. From when parcel pick-up until delivery.

How courier tracking works

When the driver picks up your parcel, you are given a specific tracking number which is also attached to your parcel. With our courier tracking system we would be able to pin-point the exact location of the parcel as it goes through its journey until delivery at its destination.

With the tracking number we have assigned to you as client, you would be able to request and confirm the exact position of the parcel. As a courier company, the courier tracking system ensures its clients maximum security and guarantees safety for its client’s parcel as it travels through the different waypoints until delivery.

The courier tracking maintains a record of all parcels and keeps the courier company’s main office electronically informed of the parcel’s progress. This way there is no chance whatsoever for your parcel to get lost within freight and shipping courier systems. Instead, you are guaranteed of the safe delivery of your package, and with the courier tracking system, you can request a copy of the Proof of Delivery, this way making sure that you are getting the service you paid for, and the courier company knows that they have yet another satisfied client.

Contact us today to find out how our courier tracking could benefit your company!

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