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Parcel Perfect™ Courier & Freight Management Software

Parcel Perfect - Software for the Courier Industry

Parcel Perfect™ is designed to help you manage your courier business more effectively; starting with a flawless parcel tracking system.

With ten years of experience in the courier industry, we understand the specific needs of your business and have developed the ideal software solution.

Parcel Perfect™ includes...
Minimal start-up and implementation costs - then only pay for what you use!
Easy to use interface allowing single point waybill entry and a single access point to all related waybill information, including POD images and cost breakdowns.
Complete debtors accounting, including waybill level receipt allocation for accurate reconciliations of your customer accounts.
A collection management system based on low-cost SMS technology.
Real-time parcel tracking via the web, email or sms.
End to end parcel tracking across all Parcel Perfect™ software enabled companies.

Parcel Perfect™ empowers your business by cutting costs, increasing accuracy and providing a clear picture of where your profits and losses lie.

Our Approach...

The team behind Parcel Perfect involves a diversity of experience and skills, working together with a specific focus. Expertise in software development is obviously a key element in our product, but it is the insights we provide behind the role of this technology that ensures we remain relevant and practical.

Our focus is always on the needs of our customers. As a result, we are continually updating our software, based on our insights and the feedback we receive from each client.

Parcel Perfect is now licensed to a range of courier companies all over Southern Africa, as well as the UK, Europe, USA, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and mainland China.

> Online Solutions
> Collection Management
> Piece Level Parcel Tracking
> Fleet Tracking and Utilisation
> Mobile Solutions
> POD and Document Imaging
> Accounts Receivable and Payable
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The Parcel Perfect™ solution is packed with features designed to make your life easier.
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The gritty details of running Parcel Perfect. Essential tech-head reading.
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What they say
"Sophisticated whilst user friendly, cost effective and easily adaptable to our requirements Parcel Perfect™ was attractive as we needed to manage a number of multiple and single user hubs nationally. The Adept Software Team are always willing to assist and service can only be regarded as exceptional. Parcel management - made easier with Parcel Perfect™."

Geoff Kilpatrick
Systems & Administration Manager,
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